A new front end for the Phaeton

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Well, that changes everything.
Now I can really see myself driving a $90 000 VW!

(Except they don’t sell it over here anymore….)

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  1. i know people dont like this car i really dont think it made sense either, but it was a nice car its interior matched its price ive sat in one before, compared to the cars that it competed with it was actually cheaper but our prestige and label driven society just couldnt see the success of a vw luxury sedan, , the a8 and bentley gt are six figure vw’s they just dont have vw badges lol,,,the fault never lied in the car itself but just in the emblems that were on it

  2. Good car, but monumentally stupid marketing.
    VW means “People’s Car” and the company was strong when it built the cheap BUG for the masses 40 years ago.

    Ever since going upscale, VW has lost its way–even VW cars that test well too often have lousy service records.

    VWs are best ignored when car shopping–why bother with this tired brand anyway when many alternatives are so much better?

    Sure, the Phaeton is a fine car, but that nitwit VW badge on the front is like hanging a Ross Dress For Less sign on the entrance to Nordstrom.

  3. I don’t know about these VW comments. I just bought a new Jetta 2.0T Package 2 with Navigation and have to say it is a f**king amazing car. From the layout of the interior, the growl of the engine, my navigation’s british narritor, I really think I got a ton of car for the money I paid. After I bought it, I just thought: who needs a BMW 3, Audi A4, or MB C-class.

  4. I agree that VWs look nice in the showroom and during test drives.
    But the ownership experience is a nightmare for a lot of people.
    A few friends of mine who own them are always back at the dealer for one thing or another.
    Just check JD Powers too…

  5. I think Phaeton could be a winner if they deleted all the technologies and cut 1000 lbs, but perserving all the woods, leathers, and AWD. If Cadillac is able to sell “DTS” for over 20 years, a $50,000 VW limo may do better. But then a stretch Passat makes much more business sense.

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