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Another “crossover”.
Is this supposed to replace the Murano?
Is it our version of the Qashqai?

January 2007, Detroit.

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  1. It’s supposed to be smaller than Murano, the Qashqai is smaller. Hopefully the Qashqai and this are the same underneath and we get better styling. I don’t like the Qashqai, it looks too much like the Murano and the Murano is due for replacement.

  2. I don’t think this is a Murano replacement. More then likely this is probably our version of the Qashqai. Perhaps that interior shot you posted a week or so ago is of this thing?

  3. Hello, Spyking here, YES! it is the new X-Trail for N.America. Calling it Rogue because U.S. thinks X-trail is too close to X-terra. They are right too! Identical to Qashquai, but different front and back end, with more agressive powertrains! Enjoy.

  4. Spyking…. I sure in hell hope you are right, The Qashqai is very nice, just too small. I think the Rogue should end up being larger then Qashqai. Also when you say aggressive power-trains, please tell me u mean this baby will have a V-6 option… I will be first in line to buy one if it does.

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