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You guessed it, a long version of the DTS.
Not sure if there is such a large market for this. Usually, limo companies use RWD cars for their conversions.
I guess they just wanted to go after the long version of the 300.. Or something…

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  1. I know some older, wealthy ladies who have a personal driver. One has a beautiful Jaguar XJ Vanden Plas, and the rest own Caddys, Lincolns, and Buicks. They don’t want attention drawn to them since they are “old money” and not a recent lottery winner. For my friends, a comfortable sedan is more tasteful and dignified than a stretch limo. They don’t care about reliability because they don’t have to. I could see them buying this DTS L, particularly since they are of a generation which still thinks of Cadillac as being the tops.

  2. Stupid name – DTS L – when the Chinese extended STS is called SLS, not STS L. Of course, then it might be nicknamed DulLS, as bad as the Eldorado Touring Coupe – officially the ETC … oy vea. Have a happy Thanksgiving, Vince, and thanks for your great site!

  3. When does the Smart ForTwoMore/Smart ForTwo L come out? Or how about the Lexus LS600hLABCDEFG, with six wheels and an R2 Droid?

  4. When i meet super rich older ladies I have 3 important questions to ask them,
    1 what is your net worth ?
    2 what is your life expectancy?
    3 you like younger men ?

  5. It’s not a bad idea since it’s not THAT long. But this picture is definitively a photoshop. (look at the chrome thrim that doesn’t continue on the extended part)

    It doesn’t look bad at all. And if lincoln does it and makes money out of it, why not Cadillac? Let’s just hope the motricity of this FWD car is able to handle the new weight distribution.

  6. i’d rather have the rear door pushed back with a huge B pillar like a limo than this with its massive, hearse-like C pillar.

  7. Wow! I like it – it looks like the Mafia cars from the Seventies! Lincoln Continental, Cadillac Fleetwood, Chrysler Imperial: I’ve always hated that they have no successors. This DTS-L is exactly what I’ve been missing. They should have called it “Fleetwoood” though.

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