Chery B21, coming up.

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They are already testing it, and we should get it over here….

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  1. Interesting.. it’s certainly no worse looking than most of what is available now.. but reliability and servicability are the big question marks (not to mention the small problem of a viable sales and service network).

  2. I agree. Not bad. I thought I saw this car before(here, elsewhere) on the net earlier this year?

    It sort of reminds me of a watered-dwon Mondeo(which is not a bad thing)especially since we most likely Won’t get a Mondeo in USA.

  3. Anonymous said…
    Looks like it is falling apart in the second photo.

    10:18 PM
    that’s the covering on the car.
    Bring it! If nothing else, it would force other car makers to “Step Up” even more than they do today, with Korean cars on thier heels.

  4. Looks like a Kia? Where, the side mirrors?
    If they freshen up the front end a bit…. the front end looks maybe dated, as if it should be on it’s 5th year, and final run, of a 5 year cycle.
    At least the car looks like the design team worked together, unlike the 2007 Sebring, for example.
    ( PS: The Sebring is not as horrible as first seen on the net, but it still looks odd, like bits and pieces stuck together of variosu Chrysler models).

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