Daihatsu Mira

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Nothing really new here. It’s been out for a while.
But it is still funny to see this “Japanese Mini Cooper”.

Sure it’s a 4 door, but even the interior is close…

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  1. if this thing were available for USA, and at least the size of say the new 3 door Accent(around 160 inches total length, At the very least)… I’d consider one. Very unique looks.
    Sort of reminds me of the old British comedies on PBS, from maybe late 80’s, wsimialr style/shape(to me, anyway) of the “Black cabs” I have seen.
    At least you’d have something Unique looking.

  2. I know. It would be a nice car to get to work. Something original that doesn’t use too much gas.
    (It has a 0.7 Liter 3 cylinder engine..)

  3. Cool. The old Sprint/Suzuki Swift had 3 cylinders, and it got what, into the 40’s(MPG) 20 years ago(dunno how many HP or Liters, 1.4 or 1.6?).
    Rode in one in late 88. Not the worst thing I ever rode in( of course, I rode in a 75 Gremlin, back in 1981).
    Anyhow…. wonder what MPG this thing gets?
    In a ways, it is (maybe) too bad that Diahatsu did not succeed in USA, when they were out 15 years ago.
    This would have been interesting.
    Since Toyota has a say in what happens( correct? I think they have a stake in Diahatsu, controlling interest?)….. we’ll never see this as a Scion, or anything else.
    Oh well, what ya gonna do?

    I agree. This would be a great little work car. It gets old seeing same old stuff on the roads.

  4. Another copy job by Toyota.

    And to thing the Reds are the only one who realy know how to use carbon paper.

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