Giugiaro Mustang

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Of course, it is just a concept.
And it’s a bit crazy. And weird. Sure, it’s an Italian concept car.

Nothing else to say really, just enjoy…

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  1. Well, at some point Ford is going to have to figure out how to update a retro design. (That’s always the problem with retro designs I spose…how to update them)

    Maybe they should consider some of these design cues…

  2. Kinda ok, the exact opposite of cab forward, and damn why offer those rear seats ? I wouldnt put a human of any age back there ! just offer a damn parcel shelf…. the roof is cool but way to low for crush standards, and yes im quite aware its just a concept……

  3. What is to be liked at that car? A Mustang with the proportions of a Ferrari from the Sixties is not a better Mustang. I don’t like the rear, neither the interior, and I don’t see the point of this car at all.

  4. Looks like a really bad copy of a Mustang from China…

    Having said that, I think it would be a nice looking car if it wasn’t trying so hard to be a Mustang.
    This one looses a lot of what a Mustang IS…

  5. I LOVE IT!

    Bring it on!

    I’d buy a Ford if it ever look close to this… I’d take the risk, if it looks this good!

  6. Too bad they missed the mark designwise. When I saw the first picture I thought they should build it – they should not. As Vince says: It is kind of weird, a concept, nothing more and it should stay that way.

  7. Why did Ford waste concept development money on this ugly Italian Mustang? I don’t see the point in this exercise.

  8. I immediatley thought “BMW 6-series” when I saw the first picture. Not necessarily a good thing…

  9. This is Italian in an, um, New Jersey guido gold chain kinda way. Yuck.

    (yes, I know there are very nice areas in Jersey. This would not be found in those areas.)

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