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This is the 1st official photo of the car we used to call the IS 500.
5Liter V8 and lots and lots of horses.

More in a few days…

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  1. that badge looks alot like the r badge from jag, but anyway i think those pipes are cool, good to see they are trying to do some different, not sure this car will be a threat to the m3 or c63 amg it will probably make better sense than the rs4 (as does any car) the regular model is350 just cant match the 3 series on handling and overall balance….but im sure it will be worth a look if you dont need the all out performance, and top status of the m3 or c63, and probably with less fussy maintenance, and reliability.

  2. That’s nice, but I think they should first upgrade the puny 2.5 liter engine with 3.0 one they used in IS in other countries.

  3. A performance division from Lexus?

    This is BIG news.

    Btw, that car is supposed to have 425+HP, and over 400 lb-ft torque.

  4. So they’re actually going to do that double exhaust thing we saw in the spy photos? Weird. Hopefully they stiffen up the structure so the windshield doesn’t vibrate with the sunroof open anymore! I traded my IS250 for a new G35S, Much better car!

  5. This is very cool. The IS needs some mojo and this will likely do it. I’m not a huge fan of the tail pipes. They look ill fitting and kinda silly.

  6. No Jackass! The “F” stands for fugly. BMW wannabe.
    Look, I know Toyota would be copying Nissan’s tail pipe arrangement. Except Toyota points them toward left to center.
    It’s incredible, with all that money they make, still choose to follow instead of leading. So at the end my friend “fast” means,


    By the way, what ever happends to their wagon version of the BMW 3series?

  7. we all know that lexus will stuff up a great opportunity by making it auto only, enabling it with unactivateable electronic nannies and having steering response that communicates about as much as a mute. Im sure it will kill the 0-60 but thats about it. Please lets hope lexus dosent stuff this up…

  8. I’ve never seen that exhaust pipe arrangement. I don’t think I care for it. Love the car, though.

  9. I had high hopes for this car, now my hopes are kinda dashed. I like the exhaust look, it looks mean. However, upon close inspection, I notice the tires contact patch is quite narrow…225s at best, which means this car will not be able to handle like the competition.
    I wish BMW will reintroduce the M3 sedan. The previous/current M3 would have looked great and sold well against RS4s and C55s. Antway, I think BMW is still the one for me, at least until we see complete specs on this IS-F (cool name). In the mean time, I hope Infiniti has money left to give us…I N F I N I M O.
    Something about a G45 coupe and sedan pushing 450+ horses makes me salivate! And a hardtop convertible is waaaay overdue from Infiniti.

  10. All 2007 IS models have deactivateable electronic ‘nannies’ so it’s a moot point.

    The car looks sexy from the teaser shot, but that’s just a small view. Let’s see what they have when the full reveal occurs.

  11. Anonymous said…

    That’s Hot!
    It’s unusual and it designates that the vehicle has a V8.

    I only wish it was an option for those of us with good taste. 😉

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