Volvo XC 60 Concept

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I guess this is what the small(er) S40 based SUV will pretty much look like when it comes out.
A much more modern design than the XC90.

A true 21st century Volvo.
They will still label this a Concept for now. You know, one of these fake concept that looks 95% like the real thing when the production models comes out a few months later…

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  1. that looks great! curvier and more athletic than the (beakish) RDX and (plain but elegant) LR2 (though I really like those two vehicles) i especially like the rear and side view of this concept. the front is OK – the area beneath the headlights bulges way too much. hopefully it either
    a) looks better in person (like the RDX)
    b) it’s part of the cosmetic changes/exaggerations made for the “concept”

    it actually looks different than the other volvos while retaining its volvo character! hopefully the redesigned xc90 in a few years will take some of these design cues.

  2. I really dont like this car. It reminds me of the Ford Ionis x concept, which i thought was awful. Further to that, I think its a tremendous mistake to make Fords and Volvo’s look similar, they have enough troubles as it is. Bring back Peter Horbury!

  3. They must have employed someone from SsangYong to design their cars. Too radical for Volvo drivers; to scary for their childern.

  4. OMG That’s gorgeous, it’s fresh, it’s racy, it’s soooooo sexy!!! I want to personally give a kiss to the designers. LOVE IT
    I so hope that they wont change a single line on it! Please Volvo guys don’t touch it pleee ee ee ee ease I beg of you.

  5. Yeah! Definately cool. I really like the back design. Volvo is doing interesting things with tail gates lately. I do see similarities to the Mondeo in side view though.

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