2008 Lexus RX350

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Seems that the new 2007 was just out…
What’s new about this, and why so early?
Chrome door handles, new wheels and black wood inside…
I guess that’s it. Still no keyless entry.

I’m not sure what’s the point. A new one is less than 2 years away anyway…

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  1. I guess toyota/lexus is starting to feel the full heat of American crossovers. As far as values go, Saturn Sky, Aura, and Outlook aimed directly to toyota’s bread & butter. Lets hope the new CTS and later Cadillac can take out its icing too.

  2. Hi Vince how are you
    I love your site and I visit it daily
    it is the only thing I check regualrly besides my email address.
    So here is what i learned recently

    That black shiney stuff you recently refered to as piano black or black wood is actually called Black lacquer

    it is quite common in asian cultures



  3. because it is not 2 years away? :-).

    Highlander is being revealed in next 2 weeks, and european mags have 12/2007 as introduction date for next RX, which makes perfect sense for 2008 MY to appear now 🙂

  4. Actually the RX350 came out in 2004 (redesigned) so that the redesign should come out in 2009. Usually Toyota/Lexus intervals are about 5 years.

    Can’t see the use of this? Where’s the refresh that happens every 3 years after the redesign? Or did they forget about it? Or was it even planned?

  5. They already made a few changes for 2007.
    Including the new engine.
    So I just wasn’t expecting anything for 2008 with an all new 2009 coming out…

  6. Shows how desperate Toyota is to slow down declining sales. The RX is not selling to much because of the new Acura, BMW and Mercedes Benz. It just cannot compete and I feel the RX is going to get disconinued.

    It is ugly, underpowered 3.5 V6, and expensive.

  7. The RX has been the #1 selling luxury SUV for years now; in 2005 it was the #1 selling luxury vehicle in America, in 2006 it was #2. Still doing strong after all these years.

  8. doesn’t lexus always make a special edition model for the final model year? i vaguely recall the last ES being offered with a…coach? special edition…and the previous RX went out with a silver-something eiditon with a special grill?

  9. Maybe the new grille and headlights will smile at you with a stupid grin, just like the Honda CR-V. Now that would be worth the money, wouldn’t it?

  10. I drove one recently on a ride and handling track and back to back with many others including some cheaper CUVs. This thing drove like crap. It was smooth and quiet but the handling and steering were terribly. It had the worse body role and bottomed out when all the other didn’t. Totally not convidence inspiring and in my opinion less safe in accident avoidance because the handling is really bad. It scored the lowest in ride and handling among 12 competitors. Crap !

  11. To All Toyota Bashers,
    1) Sorry Toyota will Beat GM in worldwide Sells this year or next, but we all know Americans love competition.
    2) Sorry Toyota is from Japan where they have national healthcare like most Developed Countries & some non-developed countries, but we all know Americans like Platinum healthcare (in cost). The British & Americans have broken healthcare systems, but America the worst system. Toyota builds some cars in America though so they have deal with our broken system & additional cost on those vehicles.
    3) Sorry Toyota doesn’t have union workers, But we all know UAW workers are lazy & over paid. Who needs Indians when you have so many brilliant Chiefs running the Big 3. Yes, The workers gave up some pay raises for better Benefits, but the Companies can’t make those Benefits payments now. So they’ll screw those past workers. Well you know it matters who & what you vote for.

    To 10:15am comments,
    I’m with you. No soft-roader! Give me a V8 gas guzzler any day.

    I don’t really care for RX models. Calling it an 08 in my guess is to keep re-sale high. Maybe 09 Model will be priced much higher than now & have a later delivery time. So Older models look better & sell at a better price.

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