2008 Mazda 6

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I know, I know, this is just an illustration.
Not an actual picture of the real thing.
But hey, it looks pretty good.

The current 6 is still a great car. I drove a 2.3 Liter version for a few days last year and loved it.
The new one will be larger, based on the Fusion platform and will probably use the new 3.5 Lier V6 as an option.
Let’s hope it looks great.

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  1. The Fusion is based on a slightly larger version of the current Mazda 6 paltform.
    The next 6 will use that larger version.

  2. I love it. I hope the actual one looks very similar to this one. I was thinking of buying a Milan in the future, but if Mazda comes out with this, and if it has all wheel drive in addition to the 3.5l v6 and 6spd manumatic, then I’ll definetely be sold!

  3. i hope mazda will develop their own v6s to be more competitive with other japanese manufacturer. the ford sourced v6s are good but they drink too much gas. but the mazda 6 should be a sporty sedan …. looking forward to the 08 model ^__^

  4. I still like Mazdas–owned a ’91 Proteg√© DX and it was a great car.

    But I fear that there’s too much Ford in the Mazda 6 now.

    Yeah, I know that Ford saved Mazda at least twice since the mid 1970s,
    but I wouldn’t buy a Ford and the Mazda 6 is too much like a Ford these days. Too bad!

  5. it’s too much TSX look a like, in my opinion, but hey.. TSX itself is a great great car.. hope this one would exceed that..

  6. I currently have a 2005 Mazda6 wagon. Do you know if they will still have the hatchback and the wagon when they move to this larger model? This drawing looks pretty sharp, so I hope the new one will look like this! I really love my wagon and have no complaints about the Ford V6 engine. While it doesn’t quite match the Toyota V6 in horsepower (which is overkill in my opinion), it is plenty peppy. To the person who said it is thirsty, I average 23 mpg in CITY driving, mostly stop and go traffic. 21 mpg is the worst I’ve ever managed. It is the only car I have had that has made BETTER than its EPA-rated mileage on the window sticker. Also recently averaged around 29 mpg in highway driving (65 mph) which is also better than EPA mileage. I always take the gas mileage estimates with a grain of salt, but hopefully the new EPA gas mileage calculations will be more accurate than these old ones.

  7. I would buy this over an Accamry any day. Hell, I’d even buy the
    AWD Fusion over a whitebread overrated Accord/Camry without hesitation. The current 6 put Mazda back on the midsized car map. This new 6 is quite sharp and will continue to do very well.

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