Acura Advanced Sports Car concept

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Much better than the

I saw lst month at the Los Angeles show.
Some people even think this might be the next NSX.

This looks like a total concept to me. Not even close to be ready for production.

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  1. Two words:


    Two more words:

    Build it…NOW.

    Okay, so that took 3 words, but you get the idea…

  2. that is simply an AMAZING concept. the side profile is gorgeous: elegant, simple, sohphisticated and sensual. the taillights look like something out of a sci-fi movie (good or bad depending on who you ask).

    was this concept designed at the new acrua studio in pasadena, ca like the advanced sedan concept? and speaking of the ASC, the chrysler nassau has a really similar profile.

  3. The fromt looks waaaaay too Zoom Zoom. If I wanted a Mazda, I wouldn’t pay Acura prices. NSX? I hope not …

  4. I think this is a ‘conceptualized’ version of the car they’re working on. I’d expect the overall shape but toning down some of the concept details such as the grill, headlights, door handles.

  5. This is likely to be a ‘conceptualized’ version of the car they’re actually working on. I would expect that the body is very close, but some elements would be toned down – grill, headlights, door handles…

  6. It’s the embodiement of a modern sports car. But that’s all it is. Nothing special about it. I wouldnt want one.

  7. I disliked how close you sat to the windshield in the old, mid-engined NSX.

    I hope that a front-engineed layout will alleviate this problem.

    This new NSX is bitchin’….totally bitchin’

  8. actually Acura and Honda both used the 5 side sheild in their cars long before Mazda even put in their 6 and 3’s, the older gen civics had the grille but it wasn’t as pronounce as the current gen Acuras, besides this car is just a concept but i’m sure the final design will perhaps be beautiful?

  9. Did Acura’s designers work on the Chevy Camaro too? Looks to conservative for the price they would ask for if it came with the V10 engine. The old NS-X had more visual appeal.

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