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A sportier version of the G6 with the “now used on almost every GM car” 3.6 Liter V6 with a 6 speed auto.
It should be available in the sedan as well.
I noticed the front grille seems a bit deeper than the current model.

But the interior is, unfortunately, still the same.
Ugly red plastic bits aren’t going to improve the environment either.

The G6 is a nice looking car in desperate need of a better interior.

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  1. Come on, do you really see Bob Lutz driving this ugly thing around in his spare time? If he doesn’t than we doesn’t(don’t).
    The car looks fine w/o all the red plastic crap and other after thought add-ons.

  2. this is exactly why toyota is stopponig production of the solara and honda will do the same thing with the accord coupe
    these ugly foreign cars are dropppoing lik like flies

  3. It looks as futuristic as the G35 did when it was launched back in 2003. Nice design outside, gaudy as heck inside, and expect durability and reliability to be as good as any other American car … HORRID!

  4. Yeah, this’ll get people out of their G35s… not.

    If they fix the chintzy interior, that’ll help. If they 86 the juvenile go-fast wing, that’ll help too.

  5. I hope Pontiac doesn’t make the G6 sedan (and the new Grand Prix for that matter) this gaudy looking. A little sophistication would be nice. Good job on the drivetrain though.

  6. This is awful. The batmobile is back. I didn’t know Batman was coming back to haunt us.

    Is this really a production vehicule or another SEMA ”did you see me?” car?

    Only the skirt, red brakes and wheels are nice.

    The new engine and transmissions are excellent news. I would have liked to be able to choose the 6 speed manual (It’s a pontiac after all) with the 3.6L.

    The interior of my car still pleases me, despite the materials. The red lighting is awsome at night. I would have changed the seat materials and the feel of the shifter. (Doesn’t feel like leather whatsoever). The seats would have benefitted from more foam and better quality leather but are otherwise comfortable.

    Gm should have worked on LED lighting on the back and front. It’s not that expensive and makes any car look high tech…

  7. This is a garish and gimmicky revision of an otherwise very pleasant-looking coupe. That silly wing on its ass looks like something a 17-year-old might design.

    Typical GM overkill.

  8. Looks like GM is up to its old tricks again by sticking on parts that do nothing for the car, ugly wing in the back, the nostrils on the hood, horrible interior etc. They just made an ok looking car into a horrible car. I just want to know where are all the guys that have been bashing Chrysler lately regarding their styling, how come you’re not bashing this POS ????

  9. Ugh. The normal G6 coupe is a nice sleek thing that wouldn’t make a European vomit. This GXP looks like a bad tuner car. Too much useless tat slapped on what used to be a nice shape.

    It’ll be too expensive for the teenagers and rednecks that actually think it looks good, and too ugly and too juvenile for anyone with money.

  10. This is just pure Pontiac…always over the top! From the bold “twin-streak” styling in the 50’s to the present they’ve taken the basic GM shells and added what their public wants. Look what happened when they brought out the bland GTO several years back. Dead. So whaddya want from them already?!?!

    I actually got to wondering with all the negative comments here…what if the internet existed in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s and what comments the first Mustang would have gotten or the first GTO or the ’66 Dodge Charger. They were all bold, breakout designs and I’m sure they too would have been considered “ugly” by some, but what we’d all do to have a clean one to roll onto the Barrett-Jackson auction block today, eh?

  11. It’ll be too expensive for the teenagers and rednecks that actually think it looks good, and too ugly and too juvenile for anyone with money.

    7:41 AM

    LOL! You hit the nail on the head.

    But NASCAR fans (who aren’t especially known for having good deportment, good taste, or class) will own this abomination thinking the GXP was sent straight from Dale Earnhardt himself, complete with angel wing stickers, free Hardee’s Thickburger coupons, and two seats at the next Southern Baptist Convention.

    GM certainly knows its market.

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