2008 Pontiac G8 preview

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Caught in a promo video ahead of the official release.
(In just a few days anyway)

A good car, I’m sure. But I wonder if the lack of personality will hurt it against cars like the Chrysler 300.
The Solstice showed us what cool looking cars Pontiac can come up with.
Adding side skirts and a spoiler to a nice, but conservative design didn’t really work with the Monaro/GTO. I am not sure what makes them think it will work here…
Holden isn’t really known for its cool designs.

There are rumors about an early redesign for the car in a couple of years, when production moves from Australia to Canada.

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  1. Not every car needs to be designed aggressively like the 300. While the 300 is a homerun for Chrysler, other confident and clean designs will speak for themselves and be successful. That is, as long as the performance is there. With the exception of the M series, the 3 series has never been an aggressively-styled car. Same as with the G35. These cars excel with their performance and smart design.

    This G8 is very sharp. Okay, I hate the juvenile circa-2001 ricer tail-lamps. But from what I can tell from these bad pictures, the rest of the car is a very good design.

  2. Well it IS REAR-Wheel Drive…has a V8..and is 4-Door. I think it will sell well…just depends if the pricing stays close to the Grand Prix. Dodge and Chrysler better watch out!

  3. By the way, there is a rumor of a $25 000 price for this car.
    Not sure if the base model will have a V6.

    If they can put out a V8 RWD sedan for that price, it would be quite something…

  4. Honestly, this is the best looking and most well rounded pontiac sedan to come out in decades. it’s bold, powerful and sporty, everything a pontiac should be. The new holden VE sedans look terrific in SS guise, i’ve seen them upclose and personal at the local GM dealership where they’re sold as Chevrolet Luminas. I haven’t driven one yet, but if you read the articles written by middle eastern and australian magazines about it, they keep on saying how amazing it is to drive. Yes it’s basically a rebadged holden, but it took the australians (who make real american sedans) to build a true american car, great quality, bold design, rear drive and pure raw V8 power.

  5. hey vince wat the hell is the new gto did the 2008 g8 replaced it or something because i do not recall hearing that the gto is out of the market but when you do find out post some new pic of..ow yea this g8 is the shit

  6. yo vince the 300 is pretty lame man…it was nice when it came out but when ever i see one its pretty boring to look at the charger has a better design to it at least it didnt age as fast as the 300…but anyways this is a great looking car other sites had a interior shot i am not feeling the interior that much maybe it will be different but this is a great car for pontiac go GM only if FORD can follow now

  7. how to screw up a perfectly good looking aussie car.The sutble spoiler is nicer but the pontiac grille makes it look awkward. Are you sure production is going canada way? As an aussie i thought i would have heard as people get pretty upset when jobs are lost.

  8. I like it. If I bought one though I would be painting the airdam the same color as the rest of the car. It looks like it has black lips or something. Could be the picture though. I hope Pontiac does’nt tack on too much crap to it later and that they keep it clean looking. I can’t wait to see it. Does anyone know if it will have cylinder deactivation?

  9. Say “bye bye” to the GTO say “hello” to the G8.
    When did you say is the redesigned G8 going to be introduced? 2010, 2011?

  10. Vince, you are totally WRONG!

    This car looks awesome. I bet it will make a 300C look old & blocky!

    And you say holden is not known for good design?? VE & WM are excellent designs, the Monaro was an excellent design, the Rear wheel drive platform engineered by Holden is a great design…and i’m sure the holden-designed camaro will be a kickass design

  11. lol im confused when this car was posted on your site before as the holden, you were saying how this would make a good pontiac, and how nice it looked, now your saying just the opposite….funny

  12. “lol im confused”

    I know, amazing isn’t it.
    I change my mind all the time.

    Glad you “lol”.

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