Mazda 3 Diesel

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Not for here of course.

But the 2.0 Liter puts out 143hp and more torque than most V6s.

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  1. diesels are for idiots.
    i america we have the cheapest gaz in the world. and the best quality

    why would you get a smelly and noisy diesel that will cost more than a regular car

  2. Yeah, I agree, have you priced the ultra-low sulfer diesel? Almost a bigger rip off than a hybrid. Just buy a corolla.

  3. No shit sherlock, hence why its not coming to the usa. its for europe where gas prices are high, most road driving is low speed , and the cost of owning an automible is high.

  4. wow, i don’t know why you guys are hating on diesels so much. i get 500 miles out or a $28 fill up in my tdi jetta. it’s not smelly or any noisier than most cars. it’s just different. and all that torque is so awesome! plus i can run biodiesel without any conversion, so i can cut my emissions and reduce our dependency on foreign oil. win win, no?

  5. How much does it cost to make biodiesel. What is wrong with being dependent on foreign oil. We are dependent on Asia for proper cars. Germany for beer. Oh, foreign oil speaks with a funny accent of something.

  6. There’s nothing unreasonable about this car, and diesel today was $2.35/gallon where I live. Lots of cars require premium fuel which was $2.31/gallon so 4 more cents is not a big deal when you factor in increased mileage. Modern diesel automobiles are not noisy and smelly. They are cleaner and quieter than ever.

    If people like diesels, this nice (if aging) Mazda3 just gives them another option; an option Americans won’t have.

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