Mercedes C class Bluetec

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Seems like every new German car is going Bluetec lately.
The new second coming of the diesel engine…

This one is supposed to get 43mpg with a 170 hp engine.
That is really good considering how heavy a Mercedes is, even a small one.
Could this really compete with Hybrid cars in the US?

If this can get 43mpg imagine what a smaller, lighter car like the Rabbit could get.

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  1. I guess it is ok, pretty safe and conservative. Ok you need have have a triple expresso after looking at this thing.

  2. VW Lupo diesel’s have been getting 70mpg for years.

    Diesels always made more sense than hybrids to me. The Prius struggles to top 45mpg in the real world and diesel cars even medium sized ones can hit that without much trouble. They pollute less than gasoline for the same amount of fuel burned (despite the look and smell), and they don’t have tons of toxic batteries like hybrids.

  3. More people would buy it if diesel didn’t cost 30-35% more than gasoline, well at least in northern NJ.

    I agree with above poster. I think disel makes more sense than hybrid. Unless of course, you do hybrid with a disel engine…

  4. I’m sick and tired of people talking about the VW lupo. The lupo was smaller than some golf carts, over priced and a complete sales flop. Same with the Audi A2.

    So back to real cars, this C220 bluetec sounds excellent.

    295lb/ft at 1800 rpm!
    43mpg. When can I buy one?

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