Better G37 pictures

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The official PR studio shots.
Not sure if it’ll look that good in real life, unless you only drive inside tunnels…

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  1. Moody lighting and good photography will make anything look better. The reality is, this car looks five years old.

  2. I think it looks great. I too am not crazy about the taillights, and I think one of the problems is that it does look very similar to the Altima coupe. I would however love to see a retractable hardtop version. For a car that’s aimed at mid 30-50 somethings though, I think it’s right on. I think of it as a poor mans Mercedes SL.

  3. 5 years ago, nissan’s designs were really innovative and fresh. so why didn’t they continue to bring out fresh designs? the “new” altima looks like the old one, the “new” x-terra looks like the old one, the “new” x-trail looks like the old one, the “new” g35 looks like the old one… they’re losing their momentum…

  4. Infiniti was TOO cautious in doing a redesign, looks like they didn’t even bother with the rear end of the car. Wait until the Altima coupe comes out, that’s going to be a nice car.

  5. ehh its alright, i still perfer the 4 door over it, thats my own opinion, but hey i notice at certain angles it reminds me of the Lexus IS.

  6. Firstly, the new Altima coupe is here just in time as the Monte Carlo is drawinging it’s last breath. The Altima coupe has ungainly proportions and the same awkward C-pillar as the Monte. Not good. The sedan is MUCH nicer.

    Which leads me to the G37. When I saw the concept at Detroit 07, I was so excited. It is gorgeous. However, the G37 is just such a sad letdown. It’s bland and overly softened. The G35 and G37 all look like they have been microwaved too long. Atleast it doesn’t have the tail light warts of the G35 sedan.


  7. I Reckon it is a great improvement over the g35..That looked more like a G35 sedan front with a Nissan Z body. This looks more unique and brings a bit more elegance to the luxury coupe class. I mean just look at the latest designs from Mercedes and BMW. They are so radical that you just get put off.. The only reason THEY sell is because of their engines and buyers with deep pockets looking for an emblem.. Congrats Infiniti great direction shown here.. Sort of like a Jaguar/nissaness about the car.. Love it.. Cheers

  8. HONDA is the only company who has any guts now a days. as much a i think i might not like the new accord coupe, they are going on a limb and taking the risk to try it. i think in time, the accord will control the entire coupe segment altogether.

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