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The electric car is not dead.

This week, at the Petersen Museum in Los Angeles, Phoenix motorcar presented an electric SUT. (An suv with a pick up bed)
They claim the batteries can run for over 100 miles. With a top speed of 95mph.
A full charge would cost just a bit over $3.
Compare this to $3 a gallon (at least in L.A, I just saw it) for much less than 100 miles.
A home charge on 220 would take about 6 hours.
While a charge done with a special charger unit would only take 10 minutes to fill up the batteries at 95%.

This all sounds great to me.
The cars looked familiar to me. That’s because they are actually the new Ssang Yong Actyon SUV and SUT.
Ssang Yong is an old Korean brand now owned by a Chinese company.
They have sold their SUVs in some European countries for years, using Mercedes engines.

I like the look of the Actyion.. Original, just a bit weird but not too much.
The interior seems very decent.

Phoenix will produce just 500 units of the electric models in 2007. For fleet use only, starting this June.
But in 2008, it will be available to the public, and they will put out at least 6000 that year.
Let’s hope this catches on.

I remember when I was a kid and the electric car was the ultimate future car. (besides the flying car)
The only question I have is: How much?

If they can keep the price at around $30 000, or even a bit more, it should be easy to sell 6000 of them.
Even much more the next year…

If you want more info on these just go to the Phoenix web site

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  1. I forgot to mention. If you go on their website, click on the “Bush checks out all-electric truck at White House” video link.
    And watch a kind of confused President pretending to be interested in Electric cars.
    It’s actually kind of funny….

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