2008 Corvette

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The Corvette is one of these GM cars in need of a much better interior.
I guess we’ll have to wait another year for that.

The 2008 model interior is pretty much the same as the cheap looking one they have today.
They just added some colors. Like the PT Cruiser or the Beetle.

I don’t think it is an improvement.

The Corvette is a good looking car (always has been) and an American icon. It deserves beter.

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  1. The Coevette’s styling is awkward especially the back end side view. The interior materials cant get worse.

  2. The modern Corvette may be the best one ever, but it’s still the sports car for the tasteless. I don’t think the interior is a big issue because if you’re the kind of a person who cared about interior quality you’d never get a Corvette anyway – you’d pick up a Cayman or any number of quick Audis or BMWs that offer the same fun, with more style, for the same money.

  3. I love the Vette. It looks freakin’ georgous, has awesome performance, decent fuel economy for the type of car it is, and is the one supercar where I have at least a snowballs chance in hell of owning one day. That being said, it’s not perfect. If it was I guess it would cost well over $100k. There is room for improvement with this interior. I think they should put more stylish air vents, put a few more aluminum accents in the interior, put controls on both sides of the steering wheel and re-do the color inserts of the dash, specifically the cheesy color insert on the far left side of the dash. I hear the seats could use some work too. But these are easy fixes that I hope will come in future versions. But if I had the money right now, I would have no problem at all in plunking it down on a new LS3 6 spd/man Z-51.

  4. The upgrade just a leather wrap over the existing design. So the materials are better, but the design is still that of a 90s Cavalier. Certainly not what it needs to be in order to compete against more refined Germans. This, and the XLR, are GMs halo vehicles. However the interiors are laughable. There is no excuse for this when the rest of the car is so damned good.

  5. Is it just me or is the corvette interior the worst of all gm interiors. let alone cars half the price?

  6. I don’t see anything wrong with the Corvette. It’s interior is a lot better than mine. One thing that no one else (at least that I am aware of) is On*Star…So I guess if the interior isn’t good enough at least the owner/occupants will be safe and easily navigated.

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