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Brilliance has been selling their midsized sedan in Europe for a few months.
And I have no idea if that is working or not.

But this smaller A1 model looks also pretty nice. And could attract much more people.
It does have some Skoda and Fiat here and there. But it does look pretty good…

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  1. What size of car is this. Focus sized?
    Looks decent. I see some hints of Pontiac in the grille, but not enough to make it obvious on first, or second glance.

    Wish these Chiense builders could , at least, be on par of the Koreans, and get here by 2009-2010.

    I would like to see these compacts(?) here, for the price of a Accent or Rio( 10-13K) loaded up like a 17-19K Focus(but better built!).

    Not too long ago, you could get an Elantra, almost fully loaded , on sale, for 11K, 1 year ago. Now? LOL… I don’t think so.

    Would be nice to revist cars of same size, quality, content, and Price(like the 06 Elantra when it was on sale, but normal priced for the Chinese makers)….

    Bring ‘Em on! The sooner the better. Maybe the others will drop MSRP’s some, if these types of cars take off.

  2. Seems like Brilliance has the knowledge and technology to succeed here in america, but you never hear about them wanting to come over to the states… which is a pity cause there mid size sedan is sexy as hell, and this thing looks much better than any b size offering here in the states so far..

  3. If that idiot Malcholm Brickload(Bricklin) would pull his head out, and get serious, for 1 time in his life, he could contact Brilliance, make a deal for some vehicles(just chage the front grille/lgihts and rear lights) from Brilliance, and sell them here, instead of acting like fruitcake of the year, like last year.
    First he said chery had cars ready to go, then he got into issues with chery, then crhysler came by and “stole” chery from Brickload!
    Now he’s raning like a loon about “luxury chinese cars for 20K” or whatever his next idea is.

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