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This picture is a crop from a PR shot inside the Chevrolet design center.
So this is something they are working on.

I think it is the Cobalt replacement. It looks like a small Camaro and I think that’s what they’ll do.
But who am I really….

What do you think???

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  1. People are saying its the impala and to me, it looks exactly like a chevy version of that large opel zeta concept from a few years ago.

    Its funny how in the pr picture for this, they seemed to be perfectly placed to allow this blurry shot to exist in the top right corner.

  2. “I read the Impala is supposed to be kind of a retro design.”

    There’s actually a couple Impala designs under consideration.

  3. That could be an earlier proposal for the Camaro. The front axle centerline to dash seems too long to be a FWD car.

    Possibly a Monte Carlo replacement??

  4. This looks good. If all they do is reskin the Cobalt, it ain’t gonna be enough to win over this import driver.
    Pure and Simple.
    If it can not, for us, be on par of our tC….at least… in every detail(price, quality of materials, 0-60 times around 8 seconds with automatic, 32-34 MPG hwy)then no thanks. If they can come close(even say 90%) in all aspects, with the warranty, it may be enough.
    They also gotta worry about the “new Focus” this Fall coming out.
    And the Lancer(well, the ES with cvt we drove is around 10.5 seconds to 60, a real slug, vs the manual or GTS CVT with paddle shifters, to hol dthe spot on the CVT for better 0-60 times, etc).
    Teh SX$ sedan coming out may also be a pain for GM, as if they add AWD, too, for the pirce of a normal Cobalt, similar MPG, 0-60 times, ummmmmmmmmmmm….
    you get the idea….they got a long road ahead of them, plus, gas is at the pace of last Summer, and it’s only Spring… and if prices stay higher, and the 40 MPG Corolla comes out(09 next march)more competition they can’t ignore!

    Sporty looks are 1 thing, But also delivering a combo of decent MPG, 0-60 times that are decent, NVH that is above avg,etc, well, we shall see.
    I’ll be convinced the day I can drive one.

  5. of course ts a monte carlo
    this will ba amazing!!!!
    another shot at the japanese crap
    gm and ford are from far the best and chrysler isn’t fer behind these guys keep coming up with gems

  6. It may be an impala….

    The picture catches the design from an angle, so while in the picture the design looks shorter than an impala, it could in fact be the Impala.

    It also looks too long to be a cobalt.

    That’s one big honkin’ grill, whatever the hell it is.

  7. There’s a rumor that this is the new Volt.

    The grille is similar to that of the volt concept…..suspicious, no?

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