New Toyota Sienna (?)

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This is a Toyota. A minivan.
So I guess it really could be the next Sienna. It is due next year, based on the 2007 Camry platform.
We can’t tell much from the picture, really…

But I think, it could really hurt the new (and quite ugly) Chrysler minivans…
No matter what’s under the cardboard, it couldn’t as as bad as the new Town and Country.

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  1. This thing looks really boxy, but anyone can design a box way better than dcx, and i truly hope the new town and crappy fails cause its real ugly !

  2. Looking at how Toyota did a bang-up job uglifying the new Highlander, as well as the Tundra’s cartoonish styling, consider yourselves lucky if the new Sienna is only just as bad looking.

  3. Toyota uses child labor for designers…There should be laws…Wheres the ACLU when you need them.

  4. Hard to tell anything from the cardboard camo, but look at the shape of the roof.. it looks like Toyota is following Chrysler’s lead and dumping the egg look for a more capacious vehicle. And judging by the new Camry and Highlander, it too will be exponentially uglier than the current model.

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