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I am not sure why they even bothered.
I guess they feel after a few years, they have to do something just because everybody else does…
Sure the front is a bit new, tailaights, wheels etc..
And you can get wood inside.
The S40 has always been a pretty nice looking car, so at least this doesn’t ruin it.
Anyone here owns one???

By the way, I just saw a C30 in the streets yesterday. I wasn’t aware they were already on sale (Arizona plates).
It looked very good in black.

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  1. …Subtle but nice. I agree though Vince-it doesn’t really add anything to the old model. The wood center council would look even better if the plastics were a light color like white or tan. It would get dirty quick though.

  2. V50 T5 here. Same basic car, great ride. Highway if you keep it at 65 you can get 32-35mpg. In the city only 27 or 28. I think I will trade and get the C30.

  3. Spyking? That reminds me of my dog spyke.

    If thank you are on the wrong thread dude, why don’t go get a job from Nissan or perhaps you’d like to buy some time from the local networks for them.

    This is Volvo’s little moment of fame, don’t spoile it.

  4. s40 T5 with manual. no problems at 30000 miles. works fine for the family. about 30 mpg. will likely sell my S2000 for a C30. Volvo guys here say C30 not available until September.

  5. “V50 T5 here. Same basic car, great ride. Highway if you keep it at 65 you can get 32-35mpg. In the city only 27 or 28.”
    I gotta say I like the S40/V50, but if I got that kind of mileage I’d cry! I’m used to getting 60ish mpg on the highway, mind u I think we know who’d win at the lights!

  6. S40 has a certain appeal but the interior is just too small. A used S60 makes a lot more sense especially when you consider the atrocious depreciation of modern Volvos.

  7. A nice refresh of an already handsome car, but Volvos are unreliable and expensive to maintain. Not on my list of cars I’d want to own.

  8. unreliable Volvos eh? bought a 110000 mile 850 sedan a few years back for less than $5k. NO repairs until 235000 mile mark when the automatic trans went. sold it for junk. what a pos.

  9. as I am still smarting over the $4k hit I took after driving my 850 for over 120000 miles, I would ask Justin what he would suggest as an alternative.

  10. Don’t listen to silly posters, they don’t have a clue. Volvo has actually contributed more to Ford than Ford to Volvo. Ford has taken a number of their safety technology, and has pretty much left them alone.

  11. Vince, not sure if my earlier comment went through but you probably saw a C30 based out of their Surprise proving ground (a town northwest of Phoenix) probably gearing up to do a summer of warm weather testing around the southwest before putting them on sale in the fall.

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