2008 Honda Accord

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for all your 2008 Honda Accord pictures needs. (Vtec.net)

They have a couple of new pics of this black EX model driving around.
There are so many pictures of the new Accord around now. It’s not even news.
I guess the car will be presented pretty soon.

Let’s hope it looks a bit better in person. But it doesn’t really matter.
As long as it doesn’t turn people off, it’ll sell like hot cakes.

Quality and reputation is what sell Hondas in the US.

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  1. Thanx for posting this. It was helpful. This car is pretty boring; I actually had my hopes up a little bit more. Maybe it will have some interesting chrome to spruce it up or something. But Honda, chrome? No, Honda is too conservative. Who am I kidding?

  2. There is chrome along the side windows and grille, the grille is taped up so you can’t see it like in other pics I have seen.

  3. I’m not sure about those pimpled headlights. Why do they have to stick out so? As usual with Honda (and particularly with this segment) they play it safe with the overall design, but get a little “interesting” with the details.

    Still, I don’t hate it.

  4. The next Accord better have boatloads of quality (but considering Honda’s past recall history and some of the less-than-stellar interior pieces in the current Accord, it may not be a very big boat), because this Accord’s styling is so dull it’ll put an insomniac into a coma. Evidently Honda’s cleaning people are designing their cars, because there doesn’t seem to be any designers there. The headlights look like they don’t even fit correctly. And what’s with what looks like a TL-style gouge down the side; it’s stupid-looking on the TL, it won’t be any better looking on the Accord. With so many stylish and good quality cars in this class, the new Accord will find itself hard-pressed.

  5. Is it me, or do I see a little of the 5 series rear in the new Accord? As past practices suggest, let’s see if they stick with this grill for more than a…year!

  6. ok I guess for a honda. side and rear 3/4 identical to current lump , and front is a toned down car version of their ugly ridgeline. Honda, honda , honda, ya dumb ……….

  7. When a new Accord is launched, it always comes out sportier than the latest Camry on the market. The rear light has some of Acura RL DNA. The front design has the same design concept with the Stream. A Hotchkis sway bar to helps keep all wheels on the ground and helps the car handle better on paved roads… From side point of view, you may notice that the C-pillar is similar to BMW designed cars. Overall, its OK but not revolutionary nor striking.

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