Another Steve McQueen Ford commercial

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I don’t think this is new because I hear the Puma isn’t produced anymore (Am I wrong?)
But this is still great.
Pretty similar to what Ford US did when the new Mustang came out.
Bringing back Steve McQueen from the dead.
This one is also really well done.

And I must say, how cool is it to see McQueen in our preset world…

What should be next?
How about John Wayne selling GMC SUVs.
Or Liberacce in a New Beetle convertible…

Bring the stars back, bring them all back!

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  1. Vince,
    It made me SICK seeing this. The Puma is out of production, and was only Europe only. Why have the most awesome actor (McQueen) in one of the most awesome cities (San Fransisco)?
    The Puma made the Escort ZX3 look like a warm soft turd… But back then (and still today) those dumbasses at Furd and GM thought that all America wanted was SUV’s and Pickups….

    I would have bought a Puma sight unseen….

  2. That advert is about 10 years old already. The Puma was decidedly average so don’t feel you missed out on anything special – it was basically just a Ford Fiesta in hotpants.

  3. You obviously ain’t driven one. Click on this link and see why it ain’t “decidedly average”. T0sser.

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