Ford i Max

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Caught somewhere in Asia.
And not wearing much camouflage.
At first, I though it was a Mitsubishi.
And I’m actually not quite sure of the name.

The all new Ford Crossover/minivan thing is for Europe only.
But Ford is so desperate, you never know. It might end up here later…

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  1. That is obviously the Mazda5 but a bit different. If it is spot in Japan; the facelifted Mazda5 (Premacy in Japan). If it is spot in China; it could be anything

  2. Ford and Mazda are sharing the same plant in Taiwan. What you are looking here is a Mazda 5 variant. Not so long ago Mazda Premacy and Ford MAV were both manufactured from the same production line in Chungli, Taiwan.
    BTW Taiwan already has Mazda 5 for over an year.

  3. i own a 2006 mazda5 GT, and i must say that ford has managed to once again ruin a great car!

    if they dare to bring it over to north america, my resale value will tank! 🙁

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