2008 Accord interior

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Another picture emerges…

Looks OK, a bit cluncky. At least on the picture.
But after all, these aren’t very expensive cars. You can still get a base model for around $18 000.
So a loaded one will still share most of its interior with a $18 000 car.
Which is true for most other models too.

But still, it does look like it is made of too many parts…

I almost forgot,

  • Here
  • for the whole thing.

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    1. i think i like it…it looks like it comes from an upscale luxury car. i think it could use some chrome around some of the round knob buttons though

    2. Vince – Arrgh … please remove our picture! We can’t sell it if it appears everywhere!! And it’s only been out a couple of hours! Please remove it. Thank you.
      Brenda Priddy

    3. Honda definitely needs interior help. They have way to many buttons , textures, angles, labels….. less is more! My friends RDX is the same way, simply ugly.

    4. Vince do you know if the rumor that about 33% more Accords will now be built in Mexico for the 2008 model year holds any truth to it at all? The interior of the new model looks like something from a Mexican design point of view.

    5. suspisciously nissan like. since nissan suffered from interiors that were sub standard, and paid the price, they have come back so strong on interiors, that they have overcompensated. they have the best interiors for the money in the bus. now!

    6. Gah! Looks like a dash straight out of the 80s. Can’t believe they have an individual button for every HVAC mode. The HVAC controls on a meager Scion tC puts this to shame.

    7. This is just a link to the people who bought your picture. I didn’t mean to us it . That’s why I just used a close up portion of it for a link….
      That’s pretty much what every other site does out there.

      Anyway, I’m glad you’re such a big fan of the site.

    8. Gross. Looks cheap. I’m sick of newer Honda styling both inside and out.

      This Accord (and other cars’) dash is designed to house nav even though lesser models might not even have it. And what’s with people needing navigation systems so badly? Are we that stupid all of a sudden?

    9. Way too many buttons. Does Honda think all those buttons equate luxury? Overly complex for the sake of being overly complex. And the big hole for the nav screen looks rather unsightly. Since the photo doesn’t show any nav system-type controls, it looks like Accords without a nav system will just get a big empty hole. Plastics on top of the IP look cheap to boot.

    10. I think they don’t see the new Malibu interior. Or the Camry interior to… Ugly, maybee a Ford designer work for Honda on this.

    11. Definately a BMW knockoff dash, look at the VTEC forum. The 06 Civic started all of this, and I don’t like it one bit. If I want to see a KITT dash i’ll go buy Knight Rider on DVD.

    12. In response to the above comment, it only makes sense that Accords without a navi system would have the LCD screen to be used as an information display showing gas mileage, maintenance, climate control, etc., not unlike a lot new cars.

    13. …why cant you get a Navi system as a stand-alone option on cars…why do they force you to get get top of the line models in order to get the Navi? Save the air-conditioned glove box and just gimme the damned Navi. Honda is definate over-compensating design-wise. The Civic is a good car but ugly as hell..I was hoping this tainted look wouldnt make it to the accord.

      Honda is still higly respected though, with great quality & the best engines. They should be capitalizing on this…Nissan is still pretty much hit-or-miss on quality, and everyone else has caught up to toyota.

    14. 704pm poster said everyone else has caught up to Toyota: Maybe not for long(not even Honda?)….
      this link posted earlier is different. Maybe it’s not revolutionary( I dunno, I am not an engineer, but Edmunds seems to think this will leave others playing catch-up to Toyota, again?)….engine design…. but… look for yourselves.
      Currently, yes, Even Kia and Hyudnai are about on par of Toyota(maybe better? Not many recalls on thsoe these days, like on Tundra, etc).
      Honda is good, but, I don’t(and many others) have the cash to “waste” on a new Accord(thus cars like Fusion, Optima, Sonata, and perhaps the all new Suzuki-built/in Japan Verona coming out next year will be as good, also? SX4 sure seems to be on par of Toyota. We should know more in Sept, after the autoshow. I am sure Vince will have all the details in about 90 days, when it happens).

      Vince, yer popular… even brenda priddy knows about U!

      All that is left is for a column/blog with Edmunds!
      Can you imagine!?
      Vince on Edmunds Blogs!

    15. BLACKLASER….Brenda Priddy..I love your yob. vince… I love your job too. I am a frustrated designer. this is why I run every single day behind its work. and I can do better design easy, than some recognized designer in the market righ now.

    16. “it does look like it is made of too many parts”

      And too many parts usually means too many rattles down the road. Given the way I’ve seen some current Accord’s dashes rattles, that’s not a good sign.

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