2008 Saab 9.3

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Not so bad, considering what they had to work with, a super conservative looking sedan.
I am sure the convertible will look fine.
290hp and AWD on the menu.

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  1. Hey GM, why the big, fat lip rear bumper, teeny wheels, and looooong front overhang on the convertible? Not a good thing.

  2. Why does GM continue to build the Saab?…. I pity the poor suckers who buy them with styling from another era and repair bills higher than a car payment….

  3. What a damn shame. Saab used to stand out and have character, now it’s just a very forgettable, middle-of-the-pack attempt to clone the 3-Series so that GM execs have something comparable to drive. Bring back the hatchback. Bring back the center console ignition. Hell, bring back the 2-cycle engines they had when they first came to the US… something… anything… other than this. GM is doing great things with their domestic brands. If they can’t do anything meaningful with Saab, they should sell it to someone who can. Preferably someone Swedish.

  4. If a tail lamp could have cataracts, this is what it would look like. Otherwise, this is a good update. However, the 9-3 really needs to offer AWD to ever be mentioned in the same breath as Audi or BMW.

  5. People should learn something about Saab before bashing them! They are great cars, who cares if they don’t sell mass-quantity like other brands. They still have center console ignition, they still drive great, get great gas mileage, handle well in the snow etc all for a good price. They continue to sell very well here in New England. The GM buyout of them has only HELPED reliablity. Oh, and there is NO relationship with Subaru anymore….

  6. Well, it DOES have the ignition in the center console. That’s a real valuable selling point (rolleyes) since just about every other car in this class offers keyless ignition now. I do like niche market SAABs have captured, but while everyone else has moved onward and upward, this brand is still clinging onto a romanticized past. You do see a lot of them in New Paltz and Greenwich. Which proves you can fool some of the bohemian chic wasps some of the time… but that’s about it.

  7. At this point in the game, it doesn’t matter where you stick your key. What matters is how and where you don’t.

  8. Anonymous said…

    At this point in the game, it doesn’t matter where you stick your key. What matters is how and where you don’t.

    10:21 PM

    Excellent point!

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