Ford Mondeo

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Some new pictures.
If they want to sell this in the US, they’d better do it pronto.
It looks nice, but it’ll be pretty average in a couple of years….

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  1. i just noticed that the dash face for the GPS-equipped Mondeo is at a steeper angle than the non-GPS-equipped Mondeo.

    How strange…..

  2. And we get stuck with the new Taurus…Thats it…Im moving to Europe. With Americants whining for higher gas prices because they think they are going to die from heatstroke, living here is pointless.

  3. BLACKLASER…from the hell with the new taurs, to the heaven with the new mondeo. bring it to me, pronto muy pronto….is not a perfect 10, but it is a perfect 9.

  4. No doubt, it has to come NOW, like yesterday. Equiped right with a reasonable price I would buy the hatch. Bring those Euro minivans over here too, I have heard they have won quite a few awards over there.

  5. I really don’t understand why they don’t push this thing over hear. The reaction has been VERY positive…Ford REALLY needs a win. i just don’t get it. Safety standards aren’t the reason – they can be worked around; look at the Smart car.

  6. BLACKLASER… If you want to see the new mondeo and the others brand under the ford’s tree, check the last james bond movie casino royale.

  7. Well guys…and gals (sorry), from what I understand in the July 07 issue of Car and Driver, the Mondeo in the USA ain’t gonna happen. “It won’t be coming to North America in its current form. U.S. regulations were never considered in the initial design and would be expensive to meet.” Sorry folks, I tend to believe this article since at Ford it’s all about the Benjamines (or lack thereof). If it’s gonna be expensive to do, then you can bet Ford AIN’T gonna Git-R-Done.


  8. So is it only cars from American brands that’ll be “pretty average in a couple of years”, or can we include Toyotas, Hondas and Nissans, too?

  9. What’s the Mondeo got that the Mazda 6 doesn’t offer U.S. drivers today in a sedan, hatchback or wagon?

    Plus, the Mondeo in the photos has the steering wheel on the wrong side and one foot-pedal too many for the average American driver. 🙂

  10. Then again maybe we’ll see a version of the Mondeo here in the USA as the next Mazda 6. To me there appears to be some similarities between some of the spy photos of the Mazda 6 and photos of the Mondeo. I read that the new Mazda 6 will debut at the Frankfurt auto show this fall so I guess we’ll see.


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