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Covering up the new Dodge SUV ASAP.

It doesn’t matter, sooner or later they’ll all be on the menu.

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  1. I think this will hurt Compass, Caliber, Patriot and maybe some other Chrysler products.
    If they want to make something different, make a 2 door SUV other than the Jeep Wrangler with good fuel economy, sportiness and modest price.
    “Think about it”

  2. Try, and try they will…. This is guaranteed to have an awful Dodge interior with horrible plastics and that pitiful YES Essentials seat fabric.

    Hopefully they have learned their lesson with the Nitro, which is one of the least competitive SUVs in its segment. It is rubbish.


  3. why is a “dodge suv” parked next to an Lexus undergoing testing? Could it’s be the IS wagon underneath, or some other Toyota vehicle? This has to be in Arizon near Toyota’s AZ proving grounds.

  4. I know it’s the Dodge because I was there when they covered it. The cover was put on top of the already heavy camouflage.

    That lexus has been testing for a while. I posted a picture of it a few months ago.
    The Lexus and the Dodge were not together, they just happened to park almost next to each others,

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