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The good old days…

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  1. Vince, you cant always think of the past as glory days. There was Vietnam, Iran Contra and all the bullshit our country should never got itself involved in.Yes, I know today also has it’s troubles, but you have to be happy to be alive. Believe it or not, future generations will also consider these times as glorious…just consult Nostadamus’ memories.. or ask a Polar 40 years from now if there are any ice caps to play around with. Thank God, Hybrids, Bio Fuel and nano technology will pave the way to the future, until “the man with poses the 3rd turbine hit the freaking button”!!!

  2. Gee, “Anonymous”-that was a pretty convoluted and ponderous response to a simple and innocent statement. I’m sure Vince only meant “The Good Ol’ Days” with respect to the romanticism we feel when looking back at these old ads. Sure, at the time these ads were done the Vietnam war was raging but these ads show folks with carefree abandon and thank god. If we allowed every moment and aspect of our lives to be filled with the worst problems we face we might as well shoot ourselves.

    I remember those Opels well as it wasn’t too long after I had purchased my very first new car, a 1971 Pinto that the 1900 Manta (red coupe in pic) was introduced in the states. It was sold through Buick dealers and I thought it was beautiful.

    As far as looking back 30 years from now, thank heaven car ads from 2001 won’t remind us of the horror with scenes of the WTC rubble in the background.

  3. Write 6:04am,

    Well the technology(media tools) used in creating ads(cars)in 2001 was the same used by terrorists in 2001: Microsoft applications and other similar programs for networking,communicating and coming up with schemes. Whatever we (United States) invented, they used against us. This is what future historians will talk about when describing life during
    these times.
    It is time to get rid of the bed bugs that are living upon us or we will collapse like Rome!!!!!
    In other words, lets prevent the true gloris adverts
    that depict times of happiness to truly live on….
    Vince wants seems to miss this glory and I think
    he really sees the crap that is going on today
    with American society, so that is why someone like him would post such a picture, I would!

  4. yeah, nut case comment, strange it was allowed on here.. but maybe vince like comments like these to give his blog a certain feel???

    dunno, for my part, this is a preeeetttyyy messed up mind posting stuff like this…

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