1975 Pontiac Firebird commercial

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“One sports car that’s no rough rider”…

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  1. I bought a 1975 Trans Am just like that (white with blue chicken) I wish like hell I still had it. Hard to believe but I have never seen that commercial before. thanks for bringing back a great memory.

  2. Wow… the bad ol’ days of the automotive industry. Actually the car itself was pretty cool at a time when most cars weren’t. But the commercial is completely corny and doesn’t even make any sense.

  3. I guess “Radial” is from “Radial Tires”.

    Radial Tuned Suspension should mean that the suspension is tuned for using tires as opposed to using ??? what ?? belts ??

    I’m quite sure a lot of the “inventions” presented in commercials back in the 70’s / 80’s where just fictive inventions. Slogans that sounded cool, but didn’t have any real meaning.

  4. dag k you don’t know what you are talking about.

    Prior to the early 1980’s cars often came standard with non-radial tires with polyester and or fiberglass belts. Radial tires are better handling more durable and are usually much more costly than poly/glass belt tires.

    Back in 1975 radials were usually standard on luxury cars and or higher performance sports and grand touring cars.

    For a lower/mid price car like the Firebird to have such tires and a specially tuned for radials suspension was a big selling point.

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