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To give you a better idea.

Some cool features inside. But that dash still looks horribly flat….

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  1. the car’s front looks like a buick lucerne, the interior looks like a cheap korean knockoff and the back looks like a aston martin.

    the car in reallife is much less attractive than it does on promotion photographs.

  2. Nice looking car-just not exceptional in any way. The shifter is my favorite detail (those air vents seem cheesy to me) along with the pulsing red start button. Surely the 5 series drives better…

  3. From 1-10, I give it an 8. For this car to be a 10 it should have left some retro look in particular to the grill and rear. If I had the money to buy this I would stick on the old cat emblem.

  4. It’s better looking and cooler than I thought it would be. It’s completely different than all the German competition and could be successful in a pocket of the luxury sedan market. Let’s hope all that gadgetry doesn’t create all those electrical problems Jaguar is infamous for.

  5. I am impressed… and I wasn’t expecting to be. Love the interior in this video and I like the lighting effects in the doors that I’ve seen in still photography. The exterior styling is more sohpisticated than a bland Lexus GS or the amateurishly designed 5 Series. I always thought the last SType was a poorly executed nostalgic novelty. While endless comparisons could be made to elements of other cars, the design in it’s entirety is fresh, forward-thinking and luxurious.

  6. I have to say, it looks better in the video than the stills.

    Ding Dong, I was thinking the same thing when I saw those vents rotate lol

  7. Yeah its flat, but the demensions
    make sense, unlike the Bangle BMW dash. This would have made a great Lincoln, and it seems to take influence from Volvo. It just doesn’t seem “British.” That’s the problem with Ford Mo Co, all of their models look the same nowadays.

  8. “the car’s front looks like a buick lucerne, the interior looks like a cheap korean knockoff and the back looks like a aston martin.”

    Is it the fact that the Lucerne and the XF both have a grill and headlights? If that is the case, you should have also compared it to the Pinto which also had a grill and headlights……then again, it must look like everything else on the road with a grill and headlights. Time to get your prescription lenses checked.

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