Mitsubishi Concept ZT

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Not sure what that thing is.
But it sure looks like the next Galant to me.
An overgrown Lancer.
Just a concept and it doens’t even look half has good as the all new Mazda6.

I hope Mitsubishi isn’t putting too much recovery hopes in this one…

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  1. It looks like it has the same twist transmission knob as the new Jaguar XF – this must be a feature we’ll see in a lot of upcoming cars. Maybe all the designers got together and said “lets make a new transmission knob!”

  2. It’s ok, but the rear end is too early/mid-90s Infiniti, and it’s all lacking a bit in detail.
    Futuro-interior looks kinda neat.

  3. Ladies and gentlemen, I present the 1987 Hyundai Stellar.

    Oh and check out the centre stack/console… looks like the bridge is out.

  4. the front fascia needs a little rework BUT please change the back- it looks like the Hyundai SONATA!!! the interior – i understand is in concept but they should hark on the Lancer’s newfound success instead!!!

  5. Ugly, snout in front, old Mazda mid section, and Hyundai Sonata rear end do not a beautiful car make!

  6. Lancer+Diamante does not equal anything good!

    They don’t know how to unify sport and luxury…..

  7. I think it’s a pleasant enough looking car on the outside, but I love the sixties dash with electronic display all across. Haven’t they run out of money and gone broke yet?

  8. I actually kinda liked this designe when I saw the Cnet video. It did look very neat. I dont think Mitsubishi would run out of money.Mitsubishi motors is just one of their huge chain including Japan’s largest bank.

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