SsangYong Wz Concept

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We’ve seen a version of this a few months ago presented in China. I think.

Now they are showing it in Europe and claim this is close tpo the final design of their upcoming large sedan.
It is powered by 3.6 Liter V6 with 360hp thats to twin turbos.
With a 7 speed auto.

I think it looks great. I could see this design as the next Maxima. Especially with the rear Z tailights.
But I think Ssang Yong might have a pretty tough job convincing anyone outside of Korea to actually buy this.
Most European brands already have a tough job with their large cars. Unless they are BMW and Mercedes.

And the brand isn’t even sold in North America…

Plus.. That name…..

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  1. I like how the chinese rip off japanese designs who previously ripped off european designs. Alot of these chinese cars are truly global in design.

  2. I love it, and yes Vince it does look like a nissan, they are todays style leaders worldwide, it makes sense that the chinks are copying it

  3. Wow. Two ignorant comments in a row. One of which, is racist and the other is just ignorant. SsangYong is a Korean manufacturer.. not Chinese. Big Difference. Vince even mentions that in this post. Don’t people read? I guess not you two.

    Anyway.. This car is pretty bad. Very much a rip-off of Nissan designs.

    The proportions are so close to the M45, you have to wonder how SsangYong got away with this. Makes me wonder if Nissan licensed the M45 over to SsangYong to sell in South Korea because of the high tariffs. It’s almost impossible to sell a non-korean manufactured vehicle there because of it.

    But this is a car that looks like it intends to be sold outside of Korea as well, which basically debunks my theory.

  4. i don’t know what’s funnier, the fact that KOREANS are making a nissan-lookalike or the fact that the 2 ppl above me can’t tell the difference between korea and china

  5. It looks like a nissan, except that it ripped off volvo’s floating center console, metallic trim and all.

  6. What’s with them wanting to copy Nissan? Here in So. Calif they are popular with the gangsters who like to put their big chrome rims and Raiders stickers on the back window! And they love them some Chrysler 300’s too. Thinkin’ they’re rolling in a Bentley, LOL
    Nissans are gross, copy someone else if you’re going to copy in the first place. And don’t worry, we won’t buy one!

  7. What is worse: copying the style of an established company like Nissan, or trying to do original designs and coming up with truly horrid things like… well, all the rest of the SsangYong line-up, basically. There is no way that this car’s presence in Europe will be anything but testimonial (I think it will sell slightly less than the Hyundai XG or the Kia Opirus, which don’t sell much), but at least it doesn’t look absolutely horrible, like its siblings

  8. Ssangyong designs are incredibly horrid and revolting. I almost got sick walking by one of their showrooms last year. But this is a huge step forward from them.

    Regarding the Nissan rip-off, it’s bold on Ssangyong’s part because Nissan already licences their designs to Samsung in Korea. Samsung cars are Nissan designs built in Korea. They’re one of the most popular cars there.

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