Toyota Mark X Zio

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That is the official name of the new Toyota wagon I posted a few days ago.
And these official pictures look much better than the grainy ones I had before.

The name will change for the US when it gets here next year.
It has nothing to do with the Japan only RWD Mark X.
This is based on the Camry and uses the same engines.

It’s kind of like a Toyota Pacifica…

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  1. toyota pacifica? now that’s funny. anyway, it looks too much like a minivan; I prefer the pic showing an upward kink in the back window.

  2. Looks like Toyota continues to design for our increasing waist line. It could’t possibly move without a struggle and alot of gasoline. I think it is very awkward and heavy.

  3. It looks really nice, actually! Those dark photos didn’t do it justice.

    I’m trying to understand those headlights though…

    Are the low beams (HIDs) on the inside and highbeams on the outside?

  4. don’t bring this dog to N/A, we want small suv’s not eagoons, these suckers have been out of fashion since 1978. I just drove the new Nissan Rogue in Canada. I have a CRV and drove new CRV. I was waiting to try it, and I can tell you, it’s head and shoulders better than the CRV, I will probably put a deal together today or tomorrow….good work Nissan

  5. Roomless third row and a smallish rear hatch wrapped around an awkward-looking design. Good work Toyota.

  6. It’s not “ugly” I spose. But gawd, couldn’t Toyota have made it look a little interesting? If you want a Camry wagon, this snoozefest is your ticket. Toyota is good a designing bland cars, and they’re good at designing cartoonish cars. They need to learn how to find a balance. They should learn from GMs mistakes from the 80s and 90s. Lame design won’t be popular forever.

  7. This car is HOT!

    If they can price this car starting under 23k for a V6, then it will be huge winner!

  8. If you do the yen/dollar conversion, the V6 starts at $29k plus. I believe the 4 cyl starts at 23k plus. The car is on a Camry wheelbase but about 4″ shorter yet much taller than the Camry. All wheel drive will be offered but only in the 4 cyl [with a CVT transmission which would seem to be anemic]. Choice of second row bucket or bench. Gas ratings similar to that of Camry. If Toyota had given it 7″ or 8″ ground clearance instead of the paltry 4″ or 5″, it could have been a great substitute for FWD Highlander/Pilot/Murano/Edge/Equinox, etc. that barely break the 20 mpg threshold on a good day.

  9. it looks out of shape and trying too hard, wrong direction. try lookind at nissan and mazdas for inspiration. build some sludgy engines while your at it toyo.

  10. L 184″, W 70″, H 61″, WB 109.4″.Curb weight 3461 I4/CVT, 3660 V6/6AT (fast).To put it in perspective, it’s sized very closed to the Mazda5 (181″ x 69″ x 64″ x 108″, 3333lbs).

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