2008 Corolla

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Funny way to find out about it….
A dealer ad ahead of the SEMA launch…

I guess it’s pretty much the same model many countries around the world have seen for the past year….

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  1. I knew it! I saw that model and it looked too much like the current Camry to change. So in the end there was no redesign to stand up to the Civic.Its a shame, I’ve had 3 corollas up unitl now, but I gotta look elsewhere…

  2. they just put the wrong picture, the 2008 model is still the current one. and if you look at the bottom it says all incentives expire 10/7/07, no way that is possible if it is the new model

  3. If you want my honest opinion, some paper pushing pencil jockey putting together an ad for the local dealership googled “2008 corolla” and came up with that picture to use. Too bad they didn’t check to see what market it was from. I still don’t think we’ll see this version, otherwise it would have been here already.

  4. I agree that some pencilneck googled the image. looks at the front license plate … it is euro size.

    maybe we all should walk in that dealership and demand to buy THAT corolla.

  5. Yeah, doesn’t seem like a “slip”, more like someone at the dealer or paper in charge of just the ads Google’d 2008 Corolla and popped that in there. Matter of fact, I just did that myself…and guess what you get pages of, in Images.

    Of course, it could also just be by someone “who knows”, but I doubt it.

    As is, the US 2008 Corolla is what Toyota lots are already filled with, and the same as 2007 and before.

  6. Other than car geeks like us here, I wonder how many people will even notice that it’s a different car. After all, don’t most Corolla buyers just want a reliable appliance?

  7. Even if this particular picture is incorrect it might be a good indication of what the next U.S. Corrolla will look like. If it is a smaller take on the Camry maybe the size will iron out some of that cars awkward angles. This means at best it will remain a less attractive but more successfull alternative to the Civic.

  8. Yeah, the 08’s are out, have been…. 08 is supposedly a SHORT model year for Toyota, and the new Corolla(09) to be launced around March, I was told( I have a tC… talk to the sales staff alot, when getting oil changes).
    And Vince said we Might get a 3 door, too?
    Yeah, this isn’t it. Just 10 more days, tops, and we’ll know exactly what’s coming here, and when.

    I’d rather had the odd “bug looking”(Yaris) styuled 3 door, lol…at least it would not look like any other “compact”.

  9. I was actually taken aback and a little confused when I saw an ad the other day advertising for 2008 Corollas, which have looked the same since the 2005 refresh….but apparently they messed with the model years? Weird way to stretch out a car’s life by only having half a model year…

  10. After taking a closer look at this corolla, I don’t really see anything drastically different besides slightly reshaped headlights, and a chunk missing out of the outside taillights.

    It still looks like 2003-2007/8 to me…..

    I guess they pulled the same 1998 trick?

  11. michael said
    Weird way to stretch out a car’s life by only having half a model year…

    October 22, 2007 9:44 PM

    VW (new) Jetta(clean)Diesel ,and Jetta Sportswagen ,will have a 2009 Model out in March….so they are going to have a short year, too, it appears, for their 08 Jettas?
    Iirc, Motorweek.org mentions it, or Edmunds.com.

  12. toyo is garbage said…
    no body cares about toyota or corolla…the nissan sentra is the reigning king

    October 23, 2007 10:45 AM

    Sorry 2 disagree( Corolla is most selling car, volume, ever..look it up).
    Also, I had 2 Sentras, a 1990 xe(3 speed automatic, no A/C)…..
    and a 2 door version called the 200sx.in 97-2001.
    The 90 was excellent.. lasted over 9 years, 233,000 miles.
    the 97 was junk.
    Why? At 65K, it stopped running. After it being towed ot a Local Mechanic.. found out the timing chain jumped a notch, due to chipped tooth on the gear, and messed up the timing, so that over a few months, it messed a lot of stuff up… ignition coil, starter needed rebuilt, new chain/gear, plugs, reset timing…over $1000 dollars(Nissan would have most likely charged me 1,500 ,or more, than a local garage).
    Also, at 2K miles, or 1 month, the blackout tape was peeling off the door(B Pillar area).
    and the dealership(now closed for 5 years) refused to fix it unitl I called the 800 number and griped.

    No wonder they are out of business.

    This is near Dayton Ohio.
    yeah… Ummmmm. I’d rather buy a Elantra, but they toook out any version that has 8 way seating, and prices are nuts, versus the 06 model( 07 was almost a complete redesign, and not as a good of a deal as the older one, imho).

    Anyhow, yeah, the Sentra today LOOKS Nicer…but I test drove it(when getting my tC tuned up a few doors down from the Nissan dealership, this past Summer),
    and the Versa impressed me more, to be honest.
    Just seemed in each catagory the cars filled, the Versa did a better job than a lot of other cars.
    Still…. I’d trust a Corolla over a Sentra(look up recalls the past 5-6 years… for Sentra or Altima) a Sentra. Sorry.

  13. The US version of the new Corolla and Matrix will be 2009 models, the 2008 models are already on sale here.

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