Retro Celica next?

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Why not.
And make the interior retro too.
This would be great. Start over from the begining.
That’s what the Celica needs.

Leave the Scion Tc for the 20 something crowd, and make the new Celica a more mature coupe. The early ones always tried to add a little luxury feel to the sporty look.
This would really be fun. A $20 000 RWD Toyota coupe.

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  1. That would be awesome. I wonder if they’d move it more upmarket, maybe make a V6 version. Toyota has lacked a proper sports car for a while now and is seems everyone is coming out with V6 coupes.

  2. I agree. Scion is good for the budget/youth buyer. For those with a bit more cash and a need for speed, this would be great.

  3. “Why would Toyota need to go retro? Unlike GM and Ford they still have a lot if new ideas left.”

    Too bad they’re not sharing them with anyone.

  4. Where I can signed for this one. I want it red, with black and red interior. Please make it Toyota.

  5. Going retro is not a good business idea. You wonder why someone would buy a retro looking car! It is like building a brand new building and making it look historic…. True blasphemy.

  6. I disagreee with the retro bad business idea, obviously you haven’t seen the runaway sales success the new Mustang is, why do you think the Camaro is coming back. But my first car was an 84 Celica GT notchback last gen for rwd, very cool if they came back with a old school Celica rwd.

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