2009 Subaru Forester

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Got these from a reader.

It looks quite big on the second picture.
Official pics real soon….

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  1. I Might add this to my que of cars that I’m interested in. It would be nice if it had paddle shifters and xenon lights like the Nissan Rogue.
    My mechanic has always mentioned to stick to Subarus, maybe I will after preview.

    I guess the interior will look Forester/Impreza like….

  2. This pictures were taken in Japan, so how can this be
    the official car of wesat (west to human) Hollywood?

  3. everybody j knows straight women and guys do not buy the this car it is very pol pu l tin dan franceisco bbut we dont have them here in beutiful modesto california

  4. The rear looks like a Suzuki or a Mitsubishi, boring and nothing we haven’t seen before! Subaru is playing it very conservative after their blunder with the B9 Tribeca disaster. Looks are not as important though as the mechanics are. A 6 speed standard and automatic would really help to increase the poor mileage these small 4 wheel drive platforms already get.

  5. From this picture taken on the steets it looks like a mini Honda Pilot from behind! Wow!!! Here’s something totally fresh and new in the design department!

  6. Vince,Ground Clearance has been lowered 1.5 inches,but the Beltline and Roof Height have been raised up by almost 2 inches! The length is within an inch of the current model. Like the Impreza, refinements abound throughout the new platform to appeal to an older buying demographic. ‘REFINED’ is the best word to descibe this new generation Forester!

  7. Can somebody translate what Jones said?
    People who make these types of jokes are usually the closed types and why would a man name himself after a ladies products? I also think he’s strange.

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