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Actually crashing against an Audi A8.

It’s hard to see much on what looks like a teaser more than a full crash test.
But, at least on this, it looks really good for the big Hyundai…

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  1. I don’t believe this for a second. Isn’t this the same car that scored so badly just a couple months ago? Yes, it is. How? Did they rig the thing with a bunch of 2x4s to keep it from folding up like it did before? Looking at the nature of the production quality of the video, this appears to just be a manufacturer’s promo clip. This is clearly not a real crash test performed by anyone legit.

  2. Above, you are a moron… its a Genesis…. boring Korean luxury car… not junky Chinese car.

    Although from the quality of you tube videos, it is hard to make out what’s what.

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