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New front and rear lights can’t really mask the fact this is the same car as the old C Class coupe. It is still based on a platform that was introduced for 2001.

Sure it has updated engines to match the current C class offering.
But don’t you think they could have at least updated the interior? Just a bit????

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  1. Wow, that is the same car as the 2001, who are they kidding here. Even GM at least tried to change the Cavalier all those years that it was in production….just pathetic.

  2. Vince, now you’re call new C Class interior an upgrade. I’m in the camp the MB gave Chrysler those horrid dashboards and hopefully Cerberus is serious about the new interiors and are not out to liquidate the company.

  3. personally i’m not upset that they didn’t update the interior very much. considering the fact that all of MB’s new interiors are really square and IMO ugly, i’m glad they left this one alone.

  4. Given the garbage MB is putting out on their own and the absolute collapse of Chrysler under MB’s direction, it’s pretty clear that MB management is far less competent than even Ford N.A.’s, and if it weren’t for their pedigree MB would be in the toilet.

  5. Looks like an expensive Chevy Cobalt Coupe. The front cut line between the headlight, bumper, and fender is similar as is the architecture of the dash design.

  6. all they need to do is not make this thing look like a hatchback, cuz in US ppl think hatchback = cheap for some reason. make this thing have a trunk or at least develop some rear space like the acura RSX or mazda 6 sport

  7. “But don’t you think they could have at least updated the interior? Just a bit????”

    Hey, you’ve got the brand-new horribly plasticky steering wheel with the awful round clusters! That not enough for ya?

  8. It looks fine to me. Why all the hate.

    I guess MB went with the old saying “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”.

    I agree with the earlier posters; maybe if they added a small trunk like the Caddy CTC maybe it would do better in the marketplace.

  9. in addition to the more rear space thing, if you look at all mercedes’s coupe products, no matter it’s the CLS with its more pronounced trunk, or true coupes with shorter trunks like the CL/SLK, they all have their rear deck curving DOWNward. they need to move/shrink the c-pillar a bit, free up some space and create the same downward curve family resemblence as other mercedes coupes. right now the rear look like a smart

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