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Ford has decided to introduce a few 2009 models really early.
And “Autosavant” report that the new 2008 Focus will finally get rear headrests for the 2009 model year.
I mention this here because plenty of you complained about this . This was really unacceptable for a new car redesigned for 2008.
The great news is that Ford is doing something about it, and quickly. The 2009 Focus might also get a more powerful engine option.
If you remember, I actually liked driving the new Focus quite a bit. It is a good car that feels very solid and gets great mileage ( I was able to reach 40mpg on the freeway cruising at around 75)
It’s just too bad the interior design doesn’t quite match what you’d expect in 2008.
In other small Ford news, the base engine for the Escape is now the new 2.5 Liter engine (maybe the one that will be an option on the Focus).
Good for Ford for taking care of these issues so fast.

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  1. We got an automatic 2008 SES(on decent sale price…16,500 and change) in late November 2007.
    We agree. A fun little car, decent MPG(best was 38.9 all hwy, on automatic/cruise..avg 32.8 MPG mixed..70% hwy, 30% city).
    Not bad.
    It was a nicer(more interesting to drive) car than a lot of others we test drove over 3 months.

    Quiet, too..once up to speed/cruising.
    Huge trunk..like a small Midsized sedan.
    The lack of headrests was odd.
    A larger engine..Hmmmm..maybe something to compete with the new”sporty” Corolla, 158 HP top model?
    I know what would be nice: A clean diesel Focus…45-50 MPG.

    PS: never thought a “slow” car could be fun to drive..it is. handles very well, although, if the wind is blowing 20-30MPH… it does somewhat hamper handling(the car is fairly light).

    Maybe a real 3 door hatch…clean diesel..Hmmmmmm…

    As is… a good vehicle.

    Vince: you were The First Reviewer to mention the 08 Focus in a positive light, while others bashed it.
    Great Going!

  2. I wouldn’t call it a “slow car”. the power was really fine for me. I though the car was pretty peppy .

  3. When do the ’09 models come out? Isn’t ’09 when the refreshed Fusion comes out?

    Why is rear head rests a big deal? I find em useless and in the way. I don’t even understand why we have them in the front, I see people with them raised up, but I have never once leaned my head up against them unless I decide to lay the seat back and take a nap.

  4. Had they continued the hatchback, I would have bought one.

    Ford seems to be making a pretty good attempt at actually listening to the buying public and doing some rational things. Can you imagine how painful it must be for Ford to actually have to deal with the whining customer. Sucks eing them.

  5. Seems like a decent car. The more I see it on the streets the more I think it looks good. I would still get rid of the stupid side vent and change the front airdam. I know it’s the older Focus platform and that’s too bad for us but, if I’m correct, I believe you can get the new platform in the Mazda 3. Which is good. I guess this keeps the Focus cheap for us. That gas mileage is unbelievable. Awesome. Now if Ford could just improve the center stack and the rest of the instrument panel. It sounds like Ford is trying. I’m looking forward to seeing the redone Taurus when it comes out too.

  6. Good for Ford for taking care of these issues so fast.

    That’s one of Ford’s many problems. The issues should have been addressed from the beginning. But I agree that the Focus is a decent little car. Dealers in my neck of the woods always sell them for far less than Civics bring. Anyone who just needs good, comfortable transportation with decent driving dynamics will be satisfied with the Focus.

    That said, my friend bought one for his daughter to take to college. Her Focus has had several problems all taken car of under warranty, but the terrible dealer experiences combined with the hassle of being without a car have left her calling the car her “Fuckus.” I doubt there’ll be a Ford in her future.

    Why is rear head rests a big deal?


  7. Vince, this is the 08 SES poster…
    We also have a 2005 Scion tC automatic..0-60 in about 8-8.5 seconds, that is why I said a “slow car”…should have mentioned that in my first post.
    A lot of cars in the compact area are slow, to me, after driving the tC for awhile.

    But…like you said, it is not really slow..like cars in this catagory used to be( 11-15 seconds to 60, about 20 years ago).

    I “floored” the SES(the spouse’s car)…and it does move. It’s not a “white knuckle” drive , getting onto the hwy, etc, either.

    I like the car. No if’s and’s or but’s about it 😉

    Vince: Is it time for you to get that second car? Save the Pacer for dates!

    Take it easy ,Vince.

    It’s nice …. very comfortable,too, Vince..on 2-3 hour drives.

  8. Everytime these companies face bankruptcy (oh about every ten years or so) they suddenly clean out their collective ears and start listening to the consumers. Nothing like the whiff of desperation to focus the development process.

  9. please vince, it would really help america out if you test drove a new civic or some other small cars (the the popular mazda 3 and toyota corolla). i already know i am not going to buy a focus because the reliability, fit and finish, and practicality (no hatchback or headrests) couldnt be overcome by the nice ride.

  10. if you are supid enoug to sit in the back seat of your own a car you desrve to get hurt the vfocus is for kids its not a family car so nobody seat on the back thats why they can save a few bucks if tou have kids you get a taurus

  11. douchebag,
    God forbid that you buy a 4 seater and actually expect someone to sit in the back 2 seats… What moron would do that? Please go back to your Meth lab and leave adult conversations to adults.

    I really hope that all the drugs you do prevents your sperm count from ever getting high enough to accidently create offspring.

  12. “Nothing like the whiff of desperation to focus the development process.”

    “Survival Pressure” forces the useless (MBAs, UAW) out of the way so that the Engineers can do their thing. Survival pressure also forces them to be customer-driven. The Internet has also forced them to have to compete. Ford has got a pretty good line-up of vehicles now.

  13. Won’t help sales as this car is so like a 1999 Kia looking. Such an insignifiacant looking econo box. As Will Smith said a Ford P O S. Quality is job none and everyone who has a high school knows that now.Lucky for Ford not everyone has a deploma.

  14. You have headrests for protection against whiplash.

    The height of the headrest should go to the top of your ears for proper protection (atleast what I heard).

  15. “Won’t help sales as this car is so like a 1999 Kia looking. Such an insignifiacant looking econo box. As Will Smith said a Ford P O S. Quality is job none and everyone who has a high school knows that now.Lucky for Ford not everyone has a deploma.”

    Has Lysol irritated your regular douche routine?

    By the way, you spelled ‘diploma’ wrong. But you didn’t notice before you posted.

    Is that your friends callng you to come and breakdance?

  16. Ford has got a pretty good line-up of vehicles now.

    If you want a truck or an SUV. Otherwise, they don’t.

  17. Didn’t think this innocuous little car could inspire so much vitriol. It’s starting to feel like a 911 truth form in here.

  18. Regardless whether the picture is an ’08 or ’09, from that angle this “coupe” looks more like an ’88 or ’89! What a horrible hatchet job Ford did making the 4-door into a 2-door! There is nothing “coupe” about it! Which, of course, is a shame, since Ford showed a Focus coupe concept around 2000-01 that actually looked like something special. Unfortunately they never produced it.

  19. “If you want a truck or an SUV. Otherwise, they don’t.”

    What is wrong with focus, fusion, mustang, taurus? Lots of car for the money and not bad cars at all.

  20. The bottom line I think, is this the best ford could do in this segment? The simple fact is, when you look at the Euro focus, the conclusion has to be no. Unfortunately, this car will never be able to outrun that image.

  21. What is wrong with focus, fusion, mustang, taurus? Lots of car for the money and not bad cars at all.

    Focus? Less than it’s market share.

    Fusion? Less than it’s market share.

    Mustang? Bloated memory machine.

    Taurus? Pahleeze.

    But if you’re happy with those cars, good for you.

    The original question was, “Ford has got a pretty good line-up of vehicles now.”

    The answer is Ford hasn’t unless it’s a truck or an SUV.

  22. i agree. ford has a good lineup elsewhere in the world, just not in its own market because america is where the profit is. the new focus reminds me of the volkswagen cabs i’ve ridden in in beijing

    “not bad” is far from class-leading, especially in today’s world

  23. I don’t doubt that the Focus is a decent car. My problem with it is that my mother drives a 2005 S40 T5 and my brother drives a Mazda 3. So I know first-hand how great the Focus could have been… and how great it is in other parts of the world. My feelings from sitting in the domestic Focus is that, aside from the great audio system, it is not an improvement over what a new car was ten years ago. I would rank the Focus much higher than the new Corolla, but below the Civic and Mazda 3. The Mazda 3 is the benchmark, and I think it’s just inexcusable that Ford can’t even match the quality, design and dynamics of a four year old Mazda. It’s another Ford product for christsake!

  24. Looks like the consumer reviews are very strong for the 2008 Focus. Please see for yourself by test driving one….quite a remarkable inexpensive vehicle. Rides quieter than my wife’s Mazda CX-7(2007) and my brother’s Honda CRV(2008). I love my 2008 Focus…..http://www.edmunds.com/ford/focus/2008/consumerreview.htmlhttps://www.yahoo.com/ford_focus-reviews_user/http://www.24-7pressrelease.com/press-release-rss/2008-ford-focus-is-a-hit-with-online-consumers-41441.php

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