Mazda Miata Coupe

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There has been rumors about coupe versions of the Miata for years and years.
This is the latest. And from this illustration, at least, it doesn’t look great at all.
Why even bother. the Miata is a great looking car as it is. And the new folding hard top makes it even better.

It’s not like the small coupe market is on fire anyway….

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  1. You say why even bother ?

    cause this would give the miata alot more storage space, and i for one would love a small 4 banger rear wheel drive coupe, make it a hatch and ill be in love !

  2. cause this would give the miata alot [sic] more storage space

    I’m with you in spirit, but how much storage would a hatch Miata give?

  3. Actually, it makes perfect sense. The Miata is popular autocross car, and a Miata coupe would eliminate the additional structure and weight associated with a convertible.

  4. weren’t the kabura concept suppose to take on the duty of a coupe based on the mx5 platform? so why make this? silly idea..

  5. The Miata is a fantastic car, I myself have a 1990 as a track car. Miatas as of recently have gotten WAY too expensive though, for around the same dough as a mid level Miata you can get a Honda S2000 which is a much better value and a different perfomance level as well.

  6. Miata has always been a great track car. A coupe version has the potential to be stiffer with the same weight or maybe even lighter.

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