2009 Acura TSX pricing

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The all new TSX will start at $29 675.
Or $32 775 when loaded with the “technology package” that includes navigation.

It’s just a few hundred more than the old one. But the car doesn’t really seem that much better than the old one either.

It’s coming out in less than 2 weeks.

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  1. Vince,
    are you sure this pic isn’t the current TSX?

    When is Honda going to design (not talking technology here) a decent looking vehicle? The new Accord is dull, the new Pilot is ugly. Maybe they can steal some Mazda or Alfa designers.

  2. nifty engine and great price.
    build quality and none of those ugly orange digi gauges bmw is so fond of. and still imported. don’t care what you guys say i’m in. 30k today and 22k private party value five years later, better than a condo in this market.

  3. I think this TSX/Accord looks better every time I look at it. When I saw Accord first time it was a disaster. Now looks preatty decent!

    But where is V6?? or SH-AWD.

  4. Besides a terrible grille, I don’t think it looks all that bad. It is hard to believe that this is all-new.

  5. Sat in this one at the car show, and drive current gen now. Love the current one, has everything you could want. The new one has a more upscale feel, a torquier engine, better navi, ipod/usb control, the works. Definately worth the couple hundred bucks. Acura doesn’t have the brand image yet. Fine with me, I get to pay a lower price for a premium car.

  6. I like it. And I have hope that comments left on Temple of VTEC re: a manager that viewed the new TL will show that Acura will bring some new excitement to their brand – along the lines of the MDX. Maybe thats why Honda styling has started getting super mainstream, ie. dull (see new Accord and Pilot).

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