Chery S18

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Another new super compact Chinese car.

I wonder if this will be part of the Chery/Chrysler deal where we’re supposed to get some Chery cars rebadges as small Dodge models.
Just like they did with Mitsubishi in the 70’s. Remember the Colt?

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  1. an ’86 Colt would be a serious “image car” by comparison. Why does small have to be so inseparable from goofy?

  2. For its time the Dodge Colt / Mitsubishi Mirage was a better car than this Chery would be today. Personally, I think the Chery QQ6 and Chery A5 would do better in North America (ie, for Chrysler) than would this S18.

  3. “Is it just me or does this look like a Suzuki Splash/Vauxhall Agila clone?”

    I see it too. Even the color is similar to the splash/agila.

  4. I’m looking forward to the day Chery puts it’s first car on sale in the USA, and General Motors gets a court injunction because they are using GM designed parts, which puts the importer and dealers out of business. What fun!

  5. Chrysler might (or should) have legal problems with GM if they attempt to sell this with their badge, because, as 7:58 PM said, this borrows heavily from the Agila

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