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So, is this our next “Passat for the US”?

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  1. I certainly hope not.

    The entire thing looks like a Kia. Front end, wheels, both look like a Kia Spectra. The center stack and ip look like the Hyundai Sonota. Not that either one is such a horrible car, but they deserve their low prices.

    The whole allure for the Passat, in my mind anyway, is you pay a little more than the competition (Camry / Accord) and you get a more upscale car, with a more advanced 2.0 turbo, and nicer interior.

    Anyway, the hottest midsize family sedan on the market right now, in my mind, is the new Malibu. I never though I would say that about a Chevy, but it is a very nice car at an attractive price.

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