Roewe 550

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This one still looks good, no matter what picture.
Just a good looking sedan.
It could work outside of China. Except for that stupid name.

Why didn’t they secure the use of the original Rover name when they bought the brand from BMW???
Who would ever buy a “Roewe”?
Try explaining that to your neighbour.

“It’s almost a Rover, blah blah blah”….

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  1. Because the Rover name wasn’t for sale only the designs so they had to come up with their own name.

  2. Not only that…they haven’t bought the Rover brand from BMW at all. BMW sold the brand already 2001 or 02 I think to a consortium which called the new company MG Rover, because it contained the iconic MG brand and Rover. Ford has bought Land Rover from BMW in that time and secured itself the right, to buy the Rover name, whenever it should be sold and as long as they still own Land Rover. Roewe might have a new chance to purchase the Rover name, because the rights now belong to Tata.

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