2011 Astra

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I was just thinking yesterday: I really like driving the Astra.
But inside, that dash is just a bit plain, and the console is really too vertical for my taste.

It looks like the next generation might be pretty amazing.
The Opel version will come out next year. Our Saturn will hit the US a year later. And from what I see, they might just fix every little thing I’m not too crazy about the current one.

This should be quite an amazing car…

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  1. Interesting that they are going to give us the newer Astra so early. At least they aren’t going to make the same mistake like Ford w/ the Focus.

  2. Holy keypad Batman, that’s a lot of little black buttons. Knowing how GM is building interiors lately, I’m sure it’ll end up looking first rate. I think this is a great little car and I hope that Saturn starts to market it properly. I’ve seen no TV advertising. Plenty of online ads, but nothing much else. A zippier version would be nice also. How ’bout a drop top? This is the first small domestic car that I feel like I can get excited about. Now if Ford would only offer the good Focus to us…

  3. I’ve just noticed the sunroof on this prototype : looks like a regular one. Strange, considering the fact that the current Astra gets a sliding panoramic sunroof (except the 3-door version that is).

  4. “Not another I-drive!
    Too many button on the radio”

    How is this ANYTHING like I-drive? I-Drive was about a LACK of buttons since everything was controlled by the knob and through the screen…

    People are constantly complaining about the amount of buttons on new cars. The new Accord, the F-150, this, etc, etc. What people fail to realize is that the number of buttons is basically the same, they’re just arranged differently…

  5. 5:29, take a look how Jaguar XF designed their stereo.
    Simple and few buttons. When I’m driving I don’t want to pull over to the side to change stations.

    And yes, there is an I-drive near or whatever Opel decides to call call. It is round silver dial near the transmission.

  6. My God, how many buttons on the center console? I thought this kind of design is in the bygone age, but I was wrong about that…..

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