Jaguar XF Coupe?

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That was one of the plans before Tata took over.
So I’m not sure if they are still considering this 2 door version of their new model.
From this picture at least, it looks like the project was almost production ready.

I must say, after seeing a few XFs on the road, I am not impressed. They looks a bit cheap and don’t have much presence.
It sure doesn’t look like a $55 000 car. Or a Jaguar….

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  1. Its got a nice ass but also a face a momma cant love ! seen a few in person and that front end is just gross ! ( monte carlo lamps ).

  2. Vince,

    I have not seen the XF in person, but have seen several lengthy videos of the car in action. It seems that Jaguar has toned down the exterior of their cars and greatly emphazised the performance aspect of the vehicle. I would not have ever described the car as looking cheap or not having much presence. I guess for a car to have presence, you would want it to look like some of the French and Italian cars you seem to pine on about. How “futuristic” they always seem and how sophisticated they are. If you want road presence get on ebay and start bidding on that Batmobile.

  3. It is a very nice car in person, but I do see Ian McKellen doing a Bangle revision on this model in the near future. The front lamps need to spell out J-a-g-u-a-r and not L-e-x-u-s. I have also seen a customer add the flying cat on his grill to make it more Jag like.
    As far as Tata, I hope Daimilar continues to buy more share of the company and therefore acquiring it.

  4. The XF doesn’t really look like the “come back” Jaguar expected….and it didn’t happen in the forms of S-Type and X-Type either. X Failed.

  5. Ok first off this is definitely a chop. Secondly, I find the XF to have an amazing road presence and it definitely looks like a 55,000 car. Maybe it doesn’t look like the “traditional” Jaguar, but it looks amazing. Just because you think it looks cheap doesn’t mean that everyone does.

  6. You’re crazy. The XF has tons of presence – – moving down the road, the rear looks Aston Martinesque (not a bad thing!) and the front is simply a new era. I’m a Jag fan and you have to adjust. If they had looked “more Jaguar,” they would have been criticized for being too conservative. Its a catch 22 for many niche brands.

  7. Oh wow, I couldn’t disagree more! It is stunning in person. Definitely not the traditional Queen’s English Jaguar, which is a good thing. Jaguars have been badly copied by the Koreans and tainted by Jaguars own efforts to move downmarket that the traditional Jaguar-style just looks cheap now. The XF is understated and sharp.

  8. I’ve seen a couple XFs driving around, and I think they look marvelous. I especially like the rear- very Aston Marton-ish, as another poster mentioned.

    I’m not too keen on the wheels though- they could’ve come up with a better design. They look too subtle.

  9. Yeah, I am one of many who completely disagrees with you, Vince. I think that is a pretty ignorant comment. Jaguar is walking away from their typical styling because it is not selling.

    Come on, Vince….

  10. It shouldn’t look like an Aston or a Lexus but more of its own.
    I saw a few rendering of the prototype and some of them blew the current XF away. The drawings were very modern and not stiff upper lip snobby, but more in line with the Jag blood line.

    Well see…

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