Renault Laguna Coupe

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This laguna coupe should look better than the sedan.

And also better than the Altima coupe.
But again, not for us.

I didn’t know there was a real market for coupes in Europe.
It was shrinking here a while ago. Toyota doesn’t seem to think there is one, canceling the Celica and Solara.
But I guess Nissan and Honda disagree…

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  1. the front reminds me of kermit the frog and that ain’t a good thing ! the rear looks unfinished in a bad way, im glad we wont get this over here !

  2. I generally like Nissans. But the Altima coupe looks weird to be. Something odd about the proportions. And a bit cheap looking.

  3. Why are you comparing this to the Celica? Different class of car. The celica was a sporty little coupe. This is a larger GT style coupe

  4. Two things:
    – I thought they were going to make the front look cooler than the sedan, like it did on the concept car, but in the end it looks the same. And the front end is one of the biggest problems of the sedan. Bad decision.
    – Mmmm, Nissan and Honda don’t sell sedan-based coupés in Europe either. Only Audi, BMW, Merc and Peugeot do so. It is a tiny market indeed, even more so for non-luxury brands, and Renault is taking a risk with this, just to compete with the Peugeot 407 coupé, which doesn’t really sell that much. The previous 406 coupé happened to be successful because it was styled by Pininfarina and it looked so gorgeous it could compete with proper coupés like the Celica or the Tiburon, but that has passed. I think that keeping a car in this segment in Europe is more of an image thing these days. So they can say “Hey, if the Germans can do it, so can we!”

  5. Vince, you seriously think this is better than the Altima?The front end looks like plastic melted. And the rear end looks like the rear of a 1986 Alpine. Here’s a link to those interested:I usually think Vince is on the money, but this time…?

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