What is it???

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Answer: I don’t have any idea.
maybe you do…

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  1. my guess is the next mazda3. if you look at the detailing of the tail light, it looks very similar to that of the mazda cx-7. And it would make since that we would see the 3 out testing since it’s supposed to be coming out in the next year or two.

  2. i thought mazda too…the tail lights look very similar to the cx-7. looks really small for a mazda 3

  3. this aint no mazda we seen the rear in camo already and this aint it ! i say its the next suzuki swift 4 door that america is supposed to get, or the next kia rio !! btw that chisml is phoney the rear aint that high. and for some reason that plate seems korean, i say the rio !

  4. PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ITS NOT THE MADZA 3! ive already seen pics of the next gen. madza3. this has to be the madza 2 or suzuki swift.my bad, im just a little tired….

  5. Mazda 2 sedan is already out so it’s not that. Ford Ka is only a hatch and nothing else except maybe a convertible. I doubt it would be the Fiesta. Kia Rio or Suzuki Swift is highly doubtful. If the number plate is asian it could very well be the Mazda 3.

  6. Could be a new Nissan Senta as well folks, but that looks like a Japanese license plate to me, so I am going to say next Mazda3.

  7. Oh wow, I take it back…I forgot about those other Mazda 3 spy shots…they look nothing like this.

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